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PsiMac Prime is our ongoing consulting relationship.


PsiMac Prime
Monthly Service

Discounted Rates + PsiMac Alert + PsiMac Update

PsiMac Prime allows us to better manage your systems and help with issues proactively, providing peace of mind on an ongoing basis. It's a more effective, efficient way for us to deliver our services.

PsiMac Alert detects and notifies us about hardware, software, malware, and other issues.

PsiMac Update performs regular maintenance and keeps systems up to date.

PsiMac Prime includes a 10% discount on our hourly rate for all onsite and remote consulting.

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$79/month for one individual
Discounted Rate + PsiMac Alert + PsiMac Update

$99/month for your family
Monthly Check-in + Discounted Rate + PsiMac Alert + PsiMac Update

$149/month for a team of five, $10/month each additional Mac
Monthly Check-in + Discounted Rate + PsiMac Alert + PsiMac Update


PsiMac offers support solutions for a wide range of needs. Below are some of our most popular requests. If your problem doesn't fit the categories below, let us know! We are more than happy to provide solutions for all your needs.



Hard drives wear out over time and are slow, outdated technology. Got an older Mac? Even so-called "vintage" Macs benefit dramatically from an upgrade to a solid state drive (SSD). PsiMac will clone your data to a new SSD, install it in your Mac with the appropriate adapter and bracket where needed, and optimize your system.



Mac not starting up? System slower than normal? Spinning wait cursor (beachball) just keeps spinning and spinning and spinning? Battery running down too quickly? Apps unexpectedly quitting? Sudden shut downs? With decades of troubleshooting experience focused specifically on the Mac, we've seen it all!


Data Recovery

Hard drives fail, and data can become inaccessible, but PsiMac can help! Give us a call to discuss your data loss concerns. We can often recover data from failing hard drives or deleted files, and restore it to your Mac with minimal fuss.



Before data loss occurs, get backed up! We recommend a local backup to Time Machine, and an offsite backup to Backblaze or another cloud backup provider.


PsiMac offers support in a variety of ways designed to offer the most efficient and effective service.


Onsite Consulting

PsiMac offers onsite consulting services in your home or office. Our expert consultants have decades of combined experience. Our primary service areas are Fairfield County, New York City, and throughout CT and NY.


Remote Support

PsiMac offers remote support using screen sharing technology. At your request, our experts can see your screen in real time and remotely operate your system using your keyboard and mouse. This service is available anywhere in the world. 


Drop-off Service

PsiMac has a convenient office located on High Street in Norwalk, between Route One and Wall Street. With access to quality parts and tools, on our static-safe workbench, we perform extended diagnostics, troubleshooting, repairs, upgrades, and migrations. We turn around most services in 24-48 hours.