PsiMac Prime

The primary way we deliver our high-quality technology consulting services is an ongoing consulting relationship called PsiMac Prime, which is a monthly subscription.

PsiMac Prime includes a 10% discount on the below Consulting rates. A 20% discount is available for prepaid blocks of consulting time, starting at four hours.

For clients who prefer to pay as needed, we still offer standard hourly consulting services.

Consulting Services

  • Onsite Consulting: $275/hour, billed by the quarter-hour with a one hour minimum.

  • Travel outside Fairfield County, billed one-way at onsite consulting rate; no charge for travel in Fairfield County.

  • Remote Support: $275/hour, billed by the quarter hour with a 15-minute minimum.

Repairs & Upgrades

  • In-house labor: $220/hour for labor done in our office, billed by the half-hour with a minimum of one hour.

  • Diagnostics: $95/incident, billed in lieu of in-house labor charges if client elects not to proceed with repair.

Additional Services

  • Pickup/Delivery: 15 minutes consulting time (each), within Fairfield County. For pickup and drop-off outside Fairfield County, we bill for travel one-way at onsite consulting rate.

  • Urgent Response & Extended Hours: 50% surcharge and two-hour minimum to accommodate urgent needs or for evening, weekend, or holiday consultations (subject to availability).