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PsiMac and the team of people there are a gift. I'm so glad I've found them. They are a joy to work with, patient, patient, and patient. The best.
- B.R., Norwalk
 September 2014

Thank you so very much. Tim was amazing and so easy to understand. Most helpful...
- S.G., Stamford
 January 2014

I wanted to let you know that Tim did a great job with my computer! He was professional and easy to work with. My experience with PsiMac has been outstanding. Thank you very much!
- B.G., Westport
 September 2013

Thanks for your help. It adds to the quality of my life. It's a pleasure to know you.
- B.L., Darien
 May 2011

Thanks again for your help, Joe! You have become indispensable to me in such a short time!
- J.B., Darien
 March 2011

Thanks Joe for all your help. Having you to consult with makes me think of how those who go to shrinks feel comforted in knowing that if the going gets rough they can always call their 'therapist'.
- J.S., Paris
 October 2009


It’s in Apple’s DNA that technology alone is not enough. That it’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the result that makes our hearts sing.
- Steve Jobs
 March 2011

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Touch ID + iCloud Keychain = Security & Convenience

The iPhone 5s debuted last week with Touch ID, allowing you to unlock your iPhone using just your fingerprint instead of your passcode. Touch ID can also be used to make a purchase on the iTunes Store or App Store, in place of your iCloud password.

Initial users agree that Touch ID is very convenient.

Apple claims the system is more secure than a password.

But Touch ID may prove to be more than just a minor convenience when it is paired with iCloud Keychain, a forthcoming feature included with Mavericks, the next version of Mac OS X.

Every single day, I consult with people frustrated by password prompts. Passwords are a problem not easily solved by normal people. Experts concede that the standard login system of usernames and passwords is fundamentally problematic in that it's impossible to find a workable balance between security and convenience.

iCloud Keychain plus Touch ID has the potential to solve the password problem for anyone with a Mac and an iPhone 5s.

Imagine visiting a secure website on your Mac, and instead of being prompted for a password (the bane of our modern cloud-enabled society), your iPhone 5s beeps and buzzes to alert you: your Mac would like to log into the website – and all you need to do is touch the Home button.

Such a simple and secure solution to our ubiquitous password frustrations could be a big benefit of the Apple ecosystem.

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